Apps On My iPhone 🌟

A selection of useful, fun and beautiful iOS apps that turn a phone into a tool 🔨
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I've always found Fantastical the quickest calendar app for inputting new events (with awesome natural language parsing) and the week view widget is spot on 👌🏻

I try to keep my life as paperless as possible and this best-in-class scanning app paired with Dropbox makes it easy to do so.

My weapon-of-choice for blocking ads in Safari.

Such a clever app. Immersive audio tours that use your phone for hyper-localisation. Fantastic way to explore a new city.

Adorable tile-puzzle game that is easy to learn but fiendishly addictive.

Really awesome app that lets you record a single second of video every day and then stitch it all together into a really powerful montage down the line.

If you have any private photos you want to keep out of your library... 🤔 this app does the job.

If you don't use a password manager then YOU NEED THIS!

Really clever app for automatically finding multiple screenshots you've taken and stitching them into a single image (great for message conversations, web pages etc)

Super-fun app for simply turning live photos and bursts into shareable GIFs.

If you've ever had an unsightly object ruining an otherwise great photo on your phone then this app is perfect for really quickly getting rid of it with Photoshop-like clone tools.

This is a new app I've been playing around with and can't wait to actually use in my next viewing/meeting. You can timecode all the notes you take against the audio it records.

Invaluable if you're ever messed around with portrait mode on your iPhone. Gives you amazing control over the bokeh and ability to use different effects on just the foreground or background of an image independently.

Just started using this recently to track where I've been and how long I've spent commuting/at work/home/shopping etc. Nice UI, looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

Fantastic app for seeing how your workout performance is affecting your heart rate.

Still fairly early in development but impressed with this quantified self app. Really nice visualisations of Moves data and great for geotagging photos which lack locations data in your library.

Between this and 'Sleep++', I have a really clear picture of what affects my sleep patterns and how to improve them.

I use this and 'Sleep Watch' to track my sleep with Apple Watch - really great, insightful data.

My favourite way of visualising heart-rate data from my Apple Watch - great data vis.

I switched too this app from VSCO when they started adding all the social cruft. It's only got more powerful since. Great pairing with Halide - edits photos in place. Works with RAW and depth effect too.

If you've ever wanted more control from the default iOS camera app then this is it. RAW photos, manual focus, exposure and even depth control. 👌🏻

Simple, clear, glanceable weather using the eerily accurate Dark Sky api. Have tried lots but this is hands-down the best.

I hate the default icon (you can change it in-app) but it's a delightfully well-designed app which brings order to the chaos of Reddit.

If you use RSS then you should be using Reeder - beautiful, tasteful design and typography.

This UK challenger bank has one of the most delightful UXs of any app I've used. The search function is insanely good.

A task manager so simple and beautiful to use that you'll actually end up managing your tasks.

My favourite podcast player. The amazing 'smart speed' adjustment which seamlessly shortens silences and increases the pace of the podcasts has saved me 42 hours of listening time so far!

Delightfully minimalist, beautiful note-taking app.

Simply one of the most zen, beautiful games ever made.

Have been paying for this budgeting app for two years to help me manage my finances and would be lost without it.

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