Tools of Titans

All products mentioned in Tim Ferriss' book

This is a list of all books, products, etc mentioned in Tools of Titans.
Work in progress (current status: 47% covered)
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Rhonda Patrick:
"preserve teeth for stem-cell banking"

Amelia Boon:
"For training when your lower body is injured"

Amelia Boon:
"Roll foot on golf ball to increase harmstring flexibility"

Amelia Boon

Amelia Boon:
"Pre-race & pre-training for endurance benefits"

Amelia Boon:
"For connective tissue repair"

Amelia Boon:
"This is a book you have to hold, because there are parts of it where you need to turn it upside down to read it. There are certain pages where, you are reading it, and it turns in a circle .. This is a book that's an entire sensory experience."

Amelia Boon:
"Amelia has scars all over her shoulders and back from barbed-wire wounds."

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