What is monote?

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01 Problem Statement
Remember the last time you saw an interesting product on the web?

↳ Losing track of things.
It's difficult to remember and find products again ... and no, leaving browser tabs open is not a great strategy.

↳ Ill-advised purchase decisions.
We often buy stuff immediately only to realise later that there would have been a better or cheaper alternative.

↳ Impulse Purchases.
We waste a lot of our money on things we don't really need leading to more and more clutter in our lives.

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02 The Solution
monote helps you to remember and organize interesting products

↳ Remember what you want to buy
monote is a bookmarking tool that lives in your browser and lets you save products you discover on the web to find them again later.

↳ Tidy and Organize
Organize your products in different collections with filter and list options.

↳ Less clutter. Zen.
Make smarter purchase decisions. Keep track of your belongings. Live with less clutter.

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How to use monote?

Remember what you want to buy
Add products to monote

↳ Get the Chrome extension
Whenever you find something interesting, just open the extension and add the products to your Wants or save it to one of your collections.

↳ Add products manually
If you are using another browser you can also add products manually. Once you've added the product you can add it to your Wants or save it to a Collection.
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Tidy and organize
Stay organized with collections

Collections help you to declutter and stay organized.

↳ For list junkies
Switch to list view for a better overview of your collection and sort products by name, comment, price or populariy.

↳ Comments
You can enhance products in a collection with comments to give you and others additional information about that product or why you saved it.

↳  Here are some examples of how people are using collections:

Keep a book reading list

Keep track of your belongings

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