The Marc Andreessen Reading List

What is Marc Andreessen reading?

Quartz: "It’s a well-known fact that Marc Andreeseen grew up in a small town where access to information was limited. The Netscape founder famously learned to program from a library book, and he’s still quite the prolific reader of books, if his Twitter feed is any indication."
Curated by Robinsom | Based on Quartz - The essential Marc Andreessen summer reading list

“Steve Blank is a super-experienced Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur… a dude with serious street cred…”

“The route to higher wages is higher productivity, which mainly happens through application of technology.This is quite an excellent book on the topic.”

“Sad to hear of passing of great historian Lisa Jardine. Read in her honor ‘Ingenious Pursuits’!”

“Happiness is overrated. Satisfaction is underrated. One of the most important books I’ve ever read”

“Religion used to be about religion. Now, in the West, religion is about politics, economics, and science/technology.”

“Rereading ‘Confidence Game’. Valeant in so many ways could have been a classic Ackman short.”

“the book ‘Breaking The News’ by @JamesFallows is thought provoking and recommended”

“Also highly highly recommended”

“Secretive and one of the world’s most amazing philanthropists. This book is extraordinary and the story is unbelievable but true. Highly recommended.”

“Outstanding book, highly recommended, tells stories of great Japanese entrepreneurs and innovators in 1960s-1970s”

“Our standard recommendation is high output management”

“Halo Effect is a very, very, very, very good book.”

“Trump is just the latest in a long line of demagogues selling paranoia in American politics. Highly recommend book”

“Favorite book on negotiation. Definitely recommend! Some people are thrown by the title. But it’s really good.”

“A good book about John Malone”

“Fantastically prescient book on the increasingly weightless economy, free from @diane1859!”

“In a great market – a market with lots of real pottential customers – the market pulls product out of the startup. Another great book very much in the same vein”

“When I arrived in Silicon Valley in Jan 1994, I sought out all of the written material I could on startups & venture capital… Actually I later discovered that the best book of all was out of print: Michael Malone’s ‘The Big Score’.”

“Read Steve Martin’s book ‘Born Standing Up’. Seriously. ‘Be so good they can’t ignore you.'”

“Three highly recommended books!”

“Three highly recommended books!”

“Three highly recommended books!”

“I highly recommend Mokyr’s books”

“I highly recommend Mokyr’s books”

“I highly recommend Mokyr’s books”

“Also this is a good book on the historical perspective”

“And the time one man (JP Morgan) saved the US economy single-handedly”

“And this one I *really* recommend, it’s a gorgeous, amazing book about an enormous crash in 1720”

“I have (seriously) always wondered how they do this. Can’t wait to read this book.”

“Recommend reading David Gerlenter’s ‘Mirror Worlds’, on how our virtual & physical worlds improve one another”

“The book that opened the world to me in ~1981”

“Infinite Loop is great.”

“this book made a huge impact on how I think about the 1930s-1950s”

“History related to 1960 crash.”

“Greatly enjoying @mckaycoppins book ‘The Wilderness’–timely and informative.”

“Systematic wiring of the microeconomy and business culture, designed as if that were the goal. An awful lot of it is in this book: Dogs and Demons”

“How does innovation correlate to wealth of a nation?”

“In my experience, financial models get constructed to validate the CEO’s preferences more than otherwise.This is the book that really crystallized it for me”

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