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Things that make me more productive

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Seriously thinking about getting one of those for my home office. Studies have found that standing desks not only have health but also productivity benefits!

Evernote is my second brain. I save pretty much everything here (I do use a password manager for more sensitive data though).

If you want to increase your productivity, go get a Rescuetime subscription. The option to block distracting apps & websites for a while is worth the subscription fee alone. Also: Detailed statistics about where & how you spend your time.

My favorite notebook. I use this mainly for to-do lists and quick notes I make on the go. Fit perfectly in my back pocket.

*The* best purchase decision I've made last year. Highly recommended if you're suffering from back or neck pain. The Roost Stand is foldable and super light-weight: Great for nomads / travelers.

Rainforest Sounds are a great alternative to Noisli.

Choose and mix different sounds to create your perfect work environment: wind, rain, coffee shop, train sounds. Available for Web, iOS and Android.

One of the best purchases I've made last year. Noise canceling is a game changer - especially in combination with apps such as Noisli.

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